{Finds} Belgrave Crescent

By Stephanie Marie
Jan 6th, 2014
this is glamorous luxury leather goods

I know– we’re all probably a bit splurged out from the holidays. But with a new year comes a new look and new style priorities, whether they’re for your house, your office, or yourself… and frankly there’s nothing I want to indulge in more than the new line of luxury leather by the beautiful blogger over at {this is glamorous}. Take a moment to savour the satchel above…

this is glamorous belgrave crescent luxury leather line

Belgrave Crescent is the love child of Roséline and Paul, beautiful creatives over in the UK who saw a need in their lives and worked together to create a solution. What I love about this line– besides the obvious romance of its creation– is that it’s made up of all the qualities I’m looking to base my life around: simplicity, elegance, enthusiasm, quality. This year is the first year I’m going to really live by my style convictions and a Belgrave Crescent piece fits right now.

leather ipad case this is glamorous british luxury leather goods

Currently, the line includes satchels and iPad cases; I’m so eager to see how the line evolves!

Not in the market for luxury leather? Swing by Roséline’s impeccable, flirty, sophisticated corner of the world, {this is glamorous}— one of my daily must-reads!

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