Thought o’the Week No. 1

By Stephanie Marie
Jan 7th, 2014
sassy quote mug beyonce inspiration

We’re 7 days into 2014– how motivated are you still feeling?

I’m loving this sassy little reminder this week (if anyone wants to send me this mug, I’ll be your BFF forever); over the next few days, we’ll probably start getting tired from our new and improved Resolutions-inspired schedules and the habits we’re trying to formulate might hit a plateau. As perky as waking up two hours early might be for me this week, by next week, I could be hitting the snooze and lamenting my lack of productivity. But Beyonce didn’t snooze when she was trying to get shit done, did she??

Now, this isn’t to say we should all become machines with amazing legs, wildly beautiful hair, a young child, a mega-guru husband, and the productivity level Beyonce apparently has… knowing when to sleep in, relax, move slow, and take it easy are just as important as utilizing all your available hours to the best of your ability. But when the choice is between mindlessly browsing Pinterest instead of a) being truly productive or b) being mindfully in the moment and enjoying your relaxation… let’s choose to be mindful!

image via We Heart It

3 Responses to “Thought o’the Week No. 1”

  1. Sara says:

    I love this mug so much!!

  2. Annie says:

    Oh my gosh, I need that mug!

    I love the word “mindful.” It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to stress yourself out getting everything done, but it puts such a nice focus on the things you really want to do. Maybe being more mindful will be my 2014 resolution.

    • Stephanie Marie says:

      > That’s a perfect resolution! I think everyone out in the blog world has made a big vow to slow down, savour each moment, take time for themselves… let’s do it because it’s necessary, not just because it’s en vogue!

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