The Big Ask: Your Bridesmaids

By Stephanie Marie
Feb 12th, 2014
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Now that you’re well on your way to planning out your wedding day, it’s time to think about who you want with you on said day! By now, you’re probably fielding passive aggressive questions about the bridal party and guest list… so let’s get on it!

The most important thing to remember about your bridal party is this: the people you chose to stand by you should be YOUR favorite people– not someone you feel obligated to include. I get it; your mom might pitch a fit if your cousin isn’t a bridesmaid or your in-laws might feel slighted if your new sisters-to-be aren’t standing beside you… but trust me. There are no “rules” and there shouldn’t be ultimatums when it comes to your wedding day. If you only want one or two girls beside you, go for it! If you’d like to include your entire sorority– you can do that too!

On Friday, we’ll chat about the various roles your bridesmaids can play… they can be super active in your wedding or merely beautiful figureheads! For now, let’s plan out the fun part of choosing your bridesmaids: asking them! There are dozens of variations on the “ask”– bottles of wine with custom labels, countless cute cards from Etsy makers, etc. Five of my favorite DIYS–>

be my bridesmaid diy project scrabble ring something turquoise blog tutorial

Something Turquoise has the sweetest Scrabble letter ring DIY— pick through an old set for the Bs, get down on one knee, and pop the question!

wedding chicks diy project will you be my bridesmaid gift box diy project tutorial

Wedding Chicks helps you put together a fantastic custom box-o-goodies for your bridesmaids; combine some treats with some helpful info (fabric swatches) for the perfect present!

will you be my bridesmaid custom cookies bridesmaid dress cookies

Custom cookies? Yes please! This is a thoughtful, delicious, and fun way to ask your girls to be part of your Big Day– who could say no to a cookie? I know a certain local baker who would rock a project like this…

will you be my bridesmaid custom box tutorial diy project style me pretty

A variation on the “be my bridesmaid box“– Style Me Pretty has a lovely tutorial on how to make a festive cracker to go inside your goodie box! A little BAM to get your girls excited!

be my bridesmaid cupcakes in a jar diy project tutorial marry this blog

And just in case your girls need a little bit more sugar in order to make their decision… a cupcake in a jar, plus a pretty fabric napkin (by Marry This) is just the ticket.

How did you (or will you?) ask your bridesmaids to be part of your wedding day? I’d love to hear about any unique or interesting projects! | top photos by Jack Looney for the Charlottesville Wedding Blog

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  1. Annie says:

    If I could do my wedding over again, this is the one thing I’d do differently. I already knew who I wanted to be my bridesmaids, but once I got engaged I got so excited that I just emailed everyone the full engagement story and asked them to be my bridesmaids then. Not exactly memorable. 😉 I wish I’d done something cute like all the options above, especially since most of my bridesmaids didn’t live nearby. It would have been so cute to send them something in the mail!

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